Friday, January 19, 2018

Family Photos - from back when it was still warm enough to leave the house

Ran across the file of photos from our Christmas card shoot this year. I realized that I forgot to post our card here, so I'll do even better and post lots of my favorites. It's so hard to choose a few for a card when there are so many special little face expressions I want to treasure always. 

In keeping with our yearly tradition, there was plenty of whining and a meltdown or two (Cetty!), but I'll choose to remember the best parts of that warm fall afternoon when our family explored an overgrown field until the sun set.
Poppy loved the photos with this thistle bush because, in her words, "It looks like we're on a safari!" And Cetty is trying to use my sweater as a blanket because she's still obsessed with blankets and her thumb--especially together.

Oh these two...first cousins born five days apart. We have newborn photos of them together so it's really sweet to have these a year and a half later. And convenient since Kaitlin was there with her family to swap Christmas photo sessions.

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