Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Science & Industry

We took a trip to Chicago's Science & Industry Museum a while ago...back when it was boot and sweater weather. I thought it would probably be exhausting with the three girls, but it actually went pretty smoothly and was an all-around enjoyable (and educational!) day.

Also, have you heard about the ASTC Passport Program? We bought a year-long membership at our tiny science museum in town and because they're part of the Association of Science-Technology Centers that also included admission to a whole big list of other museums around the country, Science & Industry included. Considering how expensive some of those museums are it was a really great deal. Might be worth checking to see if you have a participating museum in your area.
I loved the boat hall. There were models of a bunch of famous boats throughout history, some of which Poppy had learned about during the school year so it was a cool way to help her visualize it all.

 The chick hatchery was a big hit too. With Fife, especially.
 There were bonus hands-on stations set up around the museum and Poppy was able to make herself a skeleton out of q-tips. So simple but really effective.
 The tornado! Such a cool display. They did an experiment where the kids stood inside it pretending to be skyscrapers to see if tornados can form in a city like Chicago. Turns out they can. 

 This was the wild maze of mirrors. We all bumped into a few walls in here and I was pretty sure I was going to lose someone.
 I want one of these cute Faraday hybrid bikes with bamboo fenders. I looked them up and they are indeed available, for a mere $3,500.

And this part of the museum was just bizarre. Our bodies are so crazy intricate!

So fun spending the day watching the girls' eyes light up and minds go to work.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Party, Party

These two little Easter bunnies are one! 

Couldn't resist the bunny ears and carrot cake since we combined the party with my family's Easter celebration. But don't worry, I won't say any annoying puns like "Hoppy birthday!" or "Looks like some-bunny turned one!"...heh heh

But seriously, aren't they the cutest?
These two look kind of serious for a party, but they do take life rather seriously so it seems appropriate
 This face is just too much awesomeness

And...trading Easter egg loot at the end of the hunt. I love kids.

So now for the last time: 
Here's what one-year-old Fife's been up to...

+ Growling while making the funniest face expression
+ Still feisty and strong-willed. Had our first showdown when she threw food on the floor after I told her not to and then stared at me to see what I would do about it.
+ Acts shy and lays her head on my shoulder with a little smile when new people try to talk to her
+ Loves playing with her sisters and it's just so sweet
+ Can be a little overdramatic. Wants things her way, right away, and just can NOT handle it when I say no. Lots of big tears.
+ Standing and taking a couple of steps! Though she's in too big of a hurry to stay balanced for long.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

One Year Later

Our baby is one. I stayed up way too late last night looking through her newborn photos and remembering those early days. Oh my, I'm crazy about brand new babies. The first weeks are just special. A sleepy, surreal blur of soft skin, squishy snuggles, some other less pleasant things...but mostly lots and lots of love. (Thank you once again to my sister Kaitlin for capturing that time)

There were some tough phases that I'm relieved to be through, but it's hard not to get emotional when I look at these photos. It's another reminder not to wish away the days. And Fife Ida, we love you more and more all the time!
My mom crocheted this blanket for me when I was a baby. Love!
And these two. This is Kaitlin's little Atelier. Cousins born five days apart in the same hospital and destined to be the very best of friends.