Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hilton Head Island 2017

Another year, and the week flew by faster than ever. The kids are seriously growing up and I'm glad they have some traditions to remember this time. We adults like the traditions too...ladies Pure Barre (so sore the next day!), coffee, and shopping trip. Guys accountability meeting. Long dinners and devotions. Tea party for the little girls, crabbing and soccer on the beach for everyone. 

Though our perspectives aren't always the same and there are plenty of conflicts when we try to do life together, I'm so thankful for my family and how we fight the odds to stay close. 

Poppy told us after this night that she loved soccer and she's "Kind of a sports girl." This may have taken her parents by surprise, but far be it from us to stand in her way.

Love this face when Cetty saw the sky turning pink at sunset

Unprompted. Cetty is just this awesome.

What did this poor guy get himself into? He's so good with our girly girls and I love him for it.

Can't get over Fife's face in this photo. And Cetty with lots of that Cetty attitude that will for sure get her into trouble.

This girl can stare down the camera and posing seems to come naturally...she did not inherit this from me, but I do enjoy it as the family photographer

Cetty decided it would be a fun game to run away from me as fast as she could whenever I tried to take a photo of her. I got a nice action shot out of the deal and since the wild child can't ever stand still, it's accurate.

This is classic Fife. Opinionated, displeased, and always requesting to be carried along since she can't be bothered with mundane things like entertaining herself.

My favorite girls! I love them.

And had to document this tragedy. A strip of metal broke off the dryer and destroyed almost an entire load of our clothes. Just look at the remains of that sad little swimsuit! (I should note that the rental company was great to work with and is sending a reimbursement check. But how can you quantify the emotional trauma of it all?)

We tried for one last trip to the beach the night before we left. A storm was rolling in and it was way dark for photos but I kind of love how vintage and moody these grainy shots turned out to be. I feel like they could be photos of my grandma and her girls.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Science & Industry

We took a trip to Chicago's Science & Industry Museum a while ago...back when it was boot and sweater weather. I thought it would probably be exhausting with the three girls, but it actually went pretty smoothly and was an all-around enjoyable (and educational!) day.

Also, have you heard about the ASTC Passport Program? We bought a year-long membership at our tiny science museum in town and because they're part of the Association of Science-Technology Centers that also included admission to a whole big list of other museums around the country, Science & Industry included. Considering how expensive some of those museums are it was a really great deal. Might be worth checking to see if you have a participating museum in your area.
I loved the boat hall. There were models of a bunch of famous boats throughout history, some of which Poppy had learned about during the school year so it was a cool way to help her visualize it all.

 The chick hatchery was a big hit too. With Fife, especially.
 There were bonus hands-on stations set up around the museum and Poppy was able to make herself a skeleton out of q-tips. So simple but really effective.
 The tornado! Such a cool display. They did an experiment where the kids stood inside it pretending to be skyscrapers to see if tornados can form in a city like Chicago. Turns out they can. 

 This was the wild maze of mirrors. We all bumped into a few walls in here and I was pretty sure I was going to lose someone.
 I want one of these cute Faraday hybrid bikes with bamboo fenders. I looked them up and they are indeed available, for a mere $3,500.

And this part of the museum was just bizarre. Our bodies are so crazy intricate!

So fun spending the day watching the girls' eyes light up and minds go to work.